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As storytellers, we understand the profound impact of preserving precious memories, capturing them in frames that can be revisited time and again. However, we aspire to go beyond the visual and auditory senses, elevating the experience of reliving those moments in a way that engages all your senses.

Through our unique partnership, we embark on a sensorial journey — a fusion of sights, sounds, and scents. Together, we aim to transport you back to cherished times, immersing you in a multidimensional tapestry that brings your memories to life.



Etch this milestone in your hearts by creating your signature scent, an emblem that captures the essence of your union. With the help of the scent experts from Maison 21G, discover the notes that evoke joy, serenity and passion with your partner in a bespoke perfumery workshop, also known as the Love Atelier. The immersive experience will challenge your creative spirits, allowing you to bond with each other.

Like an invisible thread woven through the air, your signature scent becomes the echo that lingers throughout your wedding day. With Maison 21G, you’ll have a signature perfume that transcends all of time.

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