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Here at Highest Kite Weddings, you can be certain that your story is being told in its rawest and most genuine form. Our team believes that the most beautiful aspect of a love story comes from deep within — we draw these emotions out and we embody them, leaving you and your loved ones lasting memories.

Our philosophy and inspiration resonate through each of the stories we create, and we hope that we'll be able to share yours with the world as well.

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our philosophy

We deeply believe that bringing out the deepest emotions in both your partner and yourself creates some of the best love stories. We tell stories that are authentic and fervent — they are driven by love, passion and emotion that two people share with each other and their loved ones.

our inspiration

We draw our inspiration from the beauty of simplicity and all the heartwarming love stories we've heard. It moves us, our creativity and our imagination.

our style

We tell stories, whether in stills or motion. Stories that capture raw and genuine moments. They grab you, take you in, and transport you back to the very moment, allowing you to relive the moments through our lenses. Every detail is paid attention to, even the in-between moments.









our services




actual day

We want to be able to encapsulate the best moments that happened on your big day. Raw, unfiltered and genuine moments shared between you, your family and friends — memories that you will be able to revisit at any point in your life. Our packages can be tailored to suit different hours of coverage, depending on your requirements.




live streaming

Your love is not bounded by the seas. Escape the concrete jungle and venture out to tell your stories abroad.

Share the celebration of your union with your friends and family who are unable to attend the event in person with a live stream.


In the current landscape that we are in, travelling outside of Singapore is still restricted. However, as soon as the borders reopen and when travelling is made safe again for everyone, the team will be ready to venture out to tell your stories abroad.

If your plans for a destination pre-wedding or wedding is in the foreseeable future, reach out to us and we can start planning ahead.

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If our philosophy, inspiration and style have deeply resonated with you — reach out and our team will be deeply honoured for this opportunity. Your big day awaits and you deserve nothing but the best.

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