Honour Him

June 20, 2021

You’ll be thrown a myriad of emotions leading up to the day of the wedding. Excitement, nerves, anticipation – these emotions will not only be felt just by you but also, by the people around you. Your father may be a man of a few words, or he may not be as expressive, however, you know that he feels just the same, especially on the day of your wedding. It’s an emotional day for him, knowing that his daughter or son is stepping forward into a milestone of a lifetime.

Bittersweet as it may be, it is important to honour him as the incredible man that he is. Let’s take this time to recognise the defining moments between your father and yourself on the day of your wedding that truly makes the day an unforgettable one.

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A veiling showcases the special bond you have with your parents, symbolising the blessings that they have given to you before the start of the wedding. This moment may be tearful, but it is one that your father will hold dear to his heart.

Walking The Bride Down The Aisle

The tradition of walking down the aisle with your father has been around for ages, and it is considered one of the more impactful moments your father and yourself will experience. While walking down the aisle, he will be reminded of all the memories of you growing up, and it may be poignant as this is where he gives his final blessings to you.

Bearing Witness

As you recite your vows, your father plays a huge role as he bears witness to your union, officiating your marriage between you and your partner.

Saying Thanks

It is without a doubt that your thank you speeches will include a few words of appreciation for your parents. For many, this is a heartwarming moment for both your father and yourself, and your words will express the endless love you have for him.

To the fathers and father figures, Happy Father’s Day.