Returning To Tighter Measures

May 19, 2021

The sudden change in regulations has been disheartening for all of us, especially for couples, who are in the midst of planning their wedding. Last Friday, the government announced that Singapore will enter Phase 2: Heightened Alert from 16th May to 13th June 2021. With the newly introduced measures, wedding plans have been in disarray as changes have to be made to accommodate the new restrictions on such short notice. As frustrating as it is, we understand that this is a necessary step forward to curb the spread of the virus within the community, and we believe that we too, should do our part.

Here are the tightened measures that have since taken effect — 

Cease of All Wedding Banquets

As a measure to decrease the removal of face masks in public spaces, dining-in at any food or beverage location has been ceased. Wedding banquets are no exception to this rule as they require guests to remove their masks for prolonged periods in close proximity. Couples who have planned their luncheon or dinner to celebrate their union during this period would have to postpone their reception entirely.

Hotel/Venue Solemnization

Solemnizations are allowed to still go on. However, there will be safe management measures in place throughout the ceremony. A maximum of 100 attendees (including the bride and groom), excluding the solemnizer and relevant vendors are allowed during this period. Should the couple choose to have 51 to 100 attendees during their ceremony, Pre-Event-Testing (PET) would be required. For couples who have leaned out their guest list to 50 or less, PET will not be required. However, it is important to note that the safe management measures for solemnizations indicates that there should be no unmasking, even for videography and photography purposes.

Home/ROM Building Solemnization

For couples who have chosen to have an intimate solemnization at home, or the Registry of Marriages building, a maximum of 10 attendees (including the bride and groom) are allowed. This number does not include the solemnizer and relevant vendors that will be present such as your photographer and videographer. Similarly to solemnizations held at external venues and hotels, the same requirements of remaining masked throughout applies.

Home Preparation

The number of unique visitors per household has been reduced to 2 each day. This includes vendors such as your makeup artist, videographer, photographer, and wedding planner. For some couples, it may include either of them as well, if they have not moved prior to the ceremony itself. Couples who are planning to get ready in hotels would also be required to follow the rule of 2 guests in a room at all times, including the bride and groom.

Pre-Wedding Sessions

As with actual day weddings, mandatory safety measures have been rolled out for pre-wedding sessions as well. IMDA states that while pre-wedding sessions are given the green light to go on, there must be no more than 15 people on location at any given point in time. Apart from the crew and talents (couple), no on-site audiences are allowed. Couples are required to have their mask on until the cameras start rolling, and once the shot/take is completed, the masks have to be put back on. Apart from that, couples are also required to adhere to safe distancing measures of maintaining a 1-meter distance between each other at all times and this would mean that intimate shots will not be captured accurately. For our couples, you can choose to postpone your session or go ahead with the mandatory safe distancing measures in place.

IMDA has since revised their regulations and talents (couple) are now allowed to have brief momentary contact with each other during the shot. However, a 1-meter safe distancing measure must be maintained and masks have to be worn right after the shot is completed. Pre-wedding sessions held at gardens, parks and nature reserves managed by the National Parks Board would have to be permitted formally by submitting a request via the NParks website 2-weeks prior to the shoot. Similarly, shooting in open areas will be subjected to the permission and regulation of the respective owners.

Updated 22nd May 2021

During this trying period, we understand that couples that have been affected are scrambling to figure out a plan. Hence, we’re exercising flexibility on the split day charge and postponement terms. For weddings intended between 16th May and 13th June, couples may split their hours of coverage to cover both their solemnization and reception on two separate days, without a split day charge. However, we do encourage couples to check in with us on our availability for the day of their reception. If couples do prefer to postpone their wedding entirely, we offer a flexible postponement term with no additional fees or time limitation set, so long as we’re available on the new date that you have chosen.

Whether you have chosen to go ahead with a simple ceremony or postpone your wedding altogether, we wanted to remind you that we’re here with you. Should you require any help with your plans moving forward, or have questions that require clarification, do drop us a message. In the meantime, we urge that everyone stays safe, and we’ll navigate these uncertain times together.

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