Unspoken Love

October 22, 2020

The ability to understand the unspoken words of love is beautiful. It is love reciprocated unconditionally, with unsaid words. Despite the lack of a common language, the bond shared between pet owners and their pets is indescribable. It is so pure, it transcends just about everything else.

This campaign was created to bring awareness to the often overlooked silent bond shared between humans and animals. A photography session that captures the essence of the unspoken love in ordinary everyday moments; bath time, playtime, or mealtime. The simple interactions are something we don’t often treasure, but it is in these tiny moments where love feels the greatest. Alike humans, our animals won’t live on forever, but we can make these moments last.

This campaign is not just about the pets that live in our homes, but for all animals, be in shelters, or those that roam freely within our community. While not all of us may have the opportunity to become pet owners, there are still various channels available to share this special bond with them. Volunteering at shelters is a great way to get up close and personal with your local animals, and also to shower them with the love and compassion they long for.

Every individual has their own moments with these sentient creatures. We spoke to three families and they shared their stories.

Joshua, Grace & Rufus

Joshua and Grace first saw Rufus’ profile on the SPCA website while looking to adopt and was immediately drawn to him. They took a trip down to the shelter and fell in love with the first dog they met, who coincidentally was Rufus. Shortly after, Rufus was adopted, and the rest was history.

Whenever Joshua and Grace are putting on their shoes to head out of the house, Rufus would jump into their laps to stop them from leaving. This small gesture of affection is endearing and they both enjoy how silly Rufus can be.

In the beginning, Rufus was always nervous whenever he was out of the comforts of their home. He had always refused to drink water in public and this happened over a course of ten months. A memory that stuck out to Grace was when he first drank water after a tiring run around the dog park. A milestone that may seem insignificant to others, but it was unimaginable for both Joshua and Grace. It had meant that Rufus had finally felt at complete ease with both of them by his side, and he knew that they would protect him fiercely, and he too, would do the same.

Esther & The Community Cats

Esther grew up with dogs, cats, rabbits, and hamsters, and she has loved animals ever since she knew. As a young child, she dreamed about being a veterinarian, but as she grew older, that became a fleeting thought. Her passion for all things animals didn’t wither out even though she didn’t go through with majoring in veterinary studies. She started grooming pets, owned a retail store selling pet products, worked for Pets Magazine, and helped organise the Pet Expo in Singapore.

After her dog passed away, she was heartbroken and she didn’t want to go through another heartbreak again. She decided then on then she would not own another pet but would care for the animals around her instead. She loves them like her own, and would often make sure the community cats around her condominium estate are well taken care of.

Esther believes that all animals should be loved, and we should do our part by volunteering or donating to help the cause, especially for the animals in the shelters. They bring her the greatest joy, for they have always provided a pillar of support and have never expected anything in return.

Kendrick, Kimberly & Pawsanova

One look at Kimberly & Kendrick and you’ll know that they have the biggest hearts — with seven cats and a dog in their family, it’s no question that they are devoted to their pets. They started off with one cat, and they found that cats were really nice companions as they are very independent beings. Although they did not intend to get another cat, their latest addition to their family was adopted from a friend who needed help.

Kobe, a tri-legged puppy was adopted very recently when Kimberly learned about his story from a Facebook group – Purely Adoptions. The husband and wife decided to put him on a home trial to give him a forever home. The first day he stepped into their apartment, they both knew, that this was where he was meant to be.

They describe their pets are affectionate beings, and she fondly recalls the times where they lie on their backs to ask for a belly rub, or when they patiently wait by the door when they hear the both of them returning home, reciprocating their love for Kendrick and Kimberly.

Highest Kite Weddings x SPCA

In line with the launch of this campaign, we’re launching a 1-hour photography session to capture the unspoken love between pet owners and their pets. This photography session goes at $388, and 10% of the sales from this session will be donated to the SPCA, to help our friends in need.

To find out more about the hour-long photography session, click here.

If you’re looking to give one of the animals a forever home, you can learn more by visiting the SPCA website.