Behind The Team

October 12, 2020

Sentimental, cinematic, authentic —  some of the labels that have come to define the works by Highest Kite Weddings over the years. Even as we bask in these acclamations by continuing to showcase the best of our craft, we find it necessary to shed light on the team that makes all this possible; the dedicated ones who make it their purpose every day to bring to life each story of love.

Every role in the Highest Kite team is essential to the creation process of breathtaking works that you see. Together, the team runs like clockwork to deliver the best of each couple.

The Client Manager

The first and last person you correspond with, the bridge between the team and all couples, the helpful hands that support you in every step of the way —  the Client Manager is here just for you. You can count on them to make your experience with Highest Kite Weddings one of the most enjoyable and memorable parts of your wedding journey.

The Camera Crew

They are the eyes behind your untold stories. Through carefully crafted conceptualisations, they bring to life the most genuine moments of love in your films and photosets, authentic and personal to you and your loved ones. On your actual day of the wedding, they are committed to capturing the highlights of your special day. With their zeal behind the lenses, setting in stone even the most fleeting moments, you can be sure to relive your special day like a time capsule in the palm of your hand.

The Editors

Think of your footage as separate words, and think of your film as a coherent sentence. The Editors are here to piece together and give meaning to the disparate moments that have been captured. Behind each edit, lies the cohesive assembly of footage, audio, music, and colours, coming together harmoniously as the piece of work you see on screen.

The Creatives

Striking the perfect balance between the head and heart of Highest Kite Weddings, the Creatives spearhead the creation process and strives to push the boundaries of the brand. Driven by the passion to create impactful content and visuals, the Creatives lead the team in the constant pursuit of taking its vision and craft to the next level.

Here at Highest Kite Weddings, we believe that the greatest works cannot be accomplished alone. Each role not only complements but also helps to bring out the best in the other. We know that together, we can create something much bigger than ourselves.

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