What is your kind of love?

July 2, 2020

The experience of love is unique to each and every individual. It can sometimes be gentle flutters to the heart and other times, a magnificent tidal wave of emotions. Regardless of who we are, love is what makes us human and life would never be the same without it.

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As such, this campaign was launched to capture the love of three couples at different points of their lives. Through them, we see that even as love presents itself differently under a myriad of circumstances, the abundance of freedom and bliss shines through and flourishes alike in all.

In line with the launch of our campaign, we spoke to a few couples, who shared what love means to them.

Din, 27 and Nadhrah, 24

Things were not all smooth sailing at the start when they got together in 2018, but when they crossed paths again as better versions of themselves, everything fell into place. Nadhrah believes that love is loyalty — in choosing to be with the person every single day, and Din believes that love is like a vast field of endless possibilities — with enough patience and care, it can blossom into a field of flowers, being your forever home. Even in differing beliefs, they have found a way to live the true love of their desires.

Zhafri, 28 and Putri, 27

“Love is not about finding a perfect person. It’s about seeing an imperfect person, perfectly.” — Zhafri and Putri uncovered this from the very moment they met. Connecting through a dating application, they found instant chemistry as they dove right into deep conversations, hitting off like long-lost friends. The moment became the start of something new, and the rest was history.

Danny, 70 and Phyllis, 66

Their love story began in the 70s, in cinemas and coffee houses. Being 44 years deep into their marriage, Danny and Phyllis offer some advice to younger couples looking for longevity in their relationship. They learned that choosing to make someone a companion for life is always a gamble. The person you meet during your courtship days will definitely change over time. The key is embracing and accepting each other’s shortcomings; to treat it as a lifelong learning process.

There are no two stories of love in this world that are identical to one another. At the end of the day, it is a common experience that unites all of us people. So tell us, what is your kind of love?