The Perfect Wedding Dress

April 24, 2020

Brides-to-be, we’ve all heard about the perfect dress, but how do you know that you’re picking the right one? We turned to our vendor partner, Bridefully Yours and their manager Wan Yong gave us some guidance on how to pick the dress that suits you best.

Different Types of Dresses

“There are three different silhouettes for wedding dresses — A-line, mermaid, and princess.

A-line dresses (first picture from the left) are usually more lightweight and casual, making it perfect for brides value comfort above all else.

Mermaid dresses (middle picture) are always a hot favourite amongst brides as it helps to enhance your figure and show off your femininity.

Princess gowns (last picture from the left) are big and poofy, which used to be really popular. However, in recent years, brides are starting to move away from this silhouette. This classic silhouette is still preferred among a group of brides, because when else will you get to look like a princess if not your wedding day?”

Choosing A Flattering Colour

“For fair-skinned brides, most colours will complement their skin tone. Now that the wedding gown trend is starting to lean towards nude-coloured gowns, this works particularly well for brides with fair skin. For the evening gown, if they would like to make a more dramatic entrance, strong colours like maroon and midnight blue would make them stand out even more because of the stark contrast. For brides who prefer a sweeter look, blush and peach colours will be more complementary.

For yellow or darker-skinned brides, it will be best to stick to a white or ivory wedding gown as nude-coloured gowns might be too similar to their skin tone. For evening gowns, it is best to steer away from peach or pastel colours as it may wash them out, causing an overall dull look. It is recommended that these brides go for a stronger coloured evening gown or gowns with glitter, that will help to brighten their whole image.”

Choosing A Gown Based On Your Body Shape

“As a rough gauge, brides with heavier bottoms should try to avoid tight-fitting gowns as it is likely to bring emphasis to the wrong areas. It will be most flattering for them to wear an A-line or princess gown so that they can hide the lower body and look more proportionate overall.

Petite brides can go for the mermaid or A-line dresses but should avoid ballgowns as it may look too bulky on them, which can look like it’s too much.

After all, the dress is supposed to compliment you and make you shine, not the other way round!”

Choosing A Gown Based On Your Wedding Venue

“For ballroom weddings, we usually recommend princess gowns because the interior is grand and it would look really magical to march in with a princess while the spotlight in on you, bringing out the sparkles and glam of the dress! That being said, many brides are marching in with mermaid gowns, which looks equally beautiful. We believe that as long as the dress picked is flattering, it’ll be stunning.

As for restaurant or outdoor weddings, mermaid or A-line dresses will be recommended because the aisle may be narrow and spaces between your guest tables are limited. Wearing a princess gown may not be ideal in those circumstances as we don’t want the dress to be catching on to things, or be stepped on.”

How Many Dresses Should A Bride Get

Either 2 or 3 gowns — usually we tell our brides that two is enough because as much as we want to wear all the gowns in the world, it is really tiring and time-consuming to change in and out of a wedding dress. Especially on your wedding day, when time is a factor, you want to spend more time with your family and friends, instead of changing in and out of a dress in the changing room on your own.

However, if your first march-in is a princess gown, we would definitely recommend that the bride picks up an extra gown just for the morning gate crash and tea ceremony. In the day, there is a lot of moving around and getting in and out of cars, so a princess dress is going to be extremely difficult to manoeuvre in, and they may accidentally soil or damage the gown in the process before they even march in!”

How Much Time is Needed to Find The Perfect Dress

“There is a misconception that brides need to start looking for the perfect dress as early as possible. That is not recommended as trends will change, and the gown collection is updated every five to six months. By the time the wedding comes, gowns that they have shortlisted previously may have already gone out of trend, or have been worn by too many other brides over the year.

Since wedding gown shopping is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding, some brides tend to make the mistake of trying on gowns before even settling on a wedding date. If they find a gown that they like, it’s impossible to book because there’s no date to take reference to. In addition, most bridal studios have a second fitting fee, wasting away the first complimentary fitting session as this would mean having to come by again to try on gowns and making sure it’s available once they have a finalised wedding date in mind.

Based on our personal experience, we recommend that brides lock down their preferred bridal studio around 8 – 10 months before the wedding when they are more certain of the theme of their wedding, schedule, and other necessary details.”

Tips for Wedding Dress Fittings

“Go to a fitting with an open mind and trust the stylist that is serving you. We’ve seen hundreds of brides try on our gowns and we know which gown is perfectly tailored for the bride right after the consultation. We appreciate brides who are willing to try on what we have recommended, and most times, they end up picking the one that we have selected for them!”

Rates of Wedding Dresses at Bridefully Yours

“At Bridefully Yours, we make sure that every bride is treated equally and that they are receiving the same quality and quantity of services for the price they pay. Sometimes, that also means having to reject brides who request special privileges or even having to turn down a potential bride in order to be fair to all our existing brides.

Our prices are listed online because we believe that transparency and honesty are important values that we reinforce since we’re planning to be in this industry for the long-haul. We have heard of many horror stories about brides forking out a lot more money than was originally promised upon signing up for a package and we disagree with that.”

Bridefully Yours carries a huge selection of dresses, dresses that will catch your eye and speak to you. If your man needs a suit for your big day, they offer a range of suits as well! To find out more about our collaborative rates with Bridefully Yours, click here.

On a final note, when you find that perfect dress, don’t be afraid to say yes.

To help you out with your planning, check out our free downloadable wedding planning checklist here.