What Drives Us

April 20, 2020

When times get tough, we always ask ourselves, why are we doing this? Time and time again, we round back to the same answer — because we want to tell your stories in a meaningful and unique way. Nothing is comparable to the heartfelt messages we receive when our couples receive their photographs and films. Your words move us, it helps reinvigorate the creative juices, and fires up our imagination.

Here at Highest Kite Weddings, we tell stories that are authentic and fervent, stories that are driven by love, passion, and emotion. We believe that nothing tells a story better than emotions that are raw and genuine. We don’t want you to pretend like you’re someone else because that’s not what we’re about.

The stories that we tell, whether in stills or in motion, have a transportive nature. They grab you, take you in and bring you back to the very moment — giving you the ability to immerse yourself in the visuals and relive the experience of your special day.

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