The Pandemic

April 6, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we write this to our current and future clients. In the past week, several things have changed. Restrictions have been imposed in our country, and neighbouring countries have placed themselves on lockdown to help contain the virus.

This unfortunate situation has forced us to put many things on hold, such as celebratory events, better known as weddings. We understand that this can be very frustrating for our clients, but we believe that this is a necessary step forward. We too, want to stay socially responsible and do our part to help Singapore get through this.

We’ve made an announcement on our social media channels assuring our clients that we will still be a part of their wedding, even if it means they need to postpone their wedding. To our current clients, should you require to postpone your wedding, we are open to postponements so long as we’re available on your desired date. These are tough times, so we’re trying our very best to accommodate everyone.

Here, we’ll share the steps to take if you need to postpone your wedding:

Reach out to your vendors

First, contact your venue coordinator. Find out what dates are available before you reach out to your other vendors (i.e. photography, videography, florist, gowns and catering) to check if they are able to all switch dates.

Gather everyone

Once you have a date that your vendors are all available on, notify them on the change of date as soon as you can. This way, it ensures that all your vendors are secured on your postponed date.

Inform your guests

Inform your guests on the change of date. Send them a link with your postponement announcement and keep them updated on any changes through the same channel.

Our office is closed from 7th April 2020, but our team is working from home during this period and our contact channels will remain open during regular operating hours – Monday to Friday, between 12 to 7pm. Despite the uncertain times, we hope that things would get better in time to come, and we urge everyone to stay safe.

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