Tips for Your Actual Day

April 2, 2020

On the day of your wedding, things are usually hectic and intense for your partner and yourself as there are many activities planned out, traditions to follow and places to go. However, there are some things that you can do and plan ahead of time to ensure that everything goes on smoothly throughout the day.

Here, we’ll share the dos and don’ts from our photography and videography team that you can take into consideration that will give you the most favourable conditions. So what makes stunning pictures and films? Planning. Let’s begin!

Getting Ready

Brides-to-be, wear a nice robe if you have one during your makeup and hair session if you have one as it’ll look better in your photos and videos. It also makes it easy for you to change out of once your makeup is done. You don’t want to ruin something so beautiful by pulling a t-shirt over your head.

Picking Up The Bride

Grooms-to-be, schedule the pick up after the sun is up as the daylight will be in your favour. Natural light enhances your skin tone, giving it more life and a pop of colour. Shooting when it’s dark can often make the visuals look flat so using what the sun gives us will be at our advantage.

Gate Crash

Plan for your gate crash to be in an open space instead of a narrow corridor as it gives your photographer and videographer more room to shoot at different angles. Similar to the pick up, it’ll be best of your gate crash is scheduled when the sun is up.

Tea Ceremony

Have your relatives who are waiting for their turn seated away from the tea ceremony area as the photographers and videographers would require the space to shoot the whole ceremony without interruptions.

Outdoor Shoot

Avoid scheduling your outdoor shoot at noon as the sunlight is at it’s harshest and it would cast a shadow on your faces. In addition, it’s also really hot and you don’t want to be perspiring in your wedding attire.

Most importantly, have fun on this very day because it’s yours. At the end of everything, you’ll have pictures and videos to look back on and be able to relive the day every day, for the rest of your lives.