There is something about having your pre-wedding shoot done overseas that is a little more personal, intimate and more memorable. For Zac and Belle, Japan was the destination they picked to create and capture those memories while they were there on a vacation.

The couple was looking for scenic views that you can’t replicate in Singapore, and Japan had all of that to offer. Driving over 280km out from Tokyo, we visited Fujikawaguchiko, Okaya, and Hakuba over the course of three days.

Our first stop was Fujikwaguchiko, where we explored the pilgrimage site most commonly known as Mount Fuji. With Fuji-san in the backdrop to our videos and photos, it was a sight to behold.

Later at night, we wanted to encapsulate the Japanese nightlife culture, and we found ourselves at High Spirits, an Izakaya tucked in the corner of a quiet street.

The following day we were off to Okaya and we found ourselves in Narutacho, overlooking the city where drone shots were taken. In the small city, alongside the canal, we were able to capture the couple having fun without any inhibitions.

Braving the cold, we embarked on our last location – Hakuba. Amidst the snowy lands, and freezing weather, Zac and Belle braved it all. Every shiver was worth it because of the end product – a picturesque view.

The entire shoot was not only memorable for Zac and Belle, but it was for the Highest Kite Team as well. View more pictures here.